Through the combined efforts of the Geneseo Rotary Club, the State Teacher's College, and the community, Geneseo Community Players was formed in 1950. The first play, The Royal Family, was performed in March of that year. Noon on opening day, the members of Rotary in top hats, accompanied by the high school band, marched down Main St. to publicize the event.

Geneseo Community Players has produced one, two and as many as four full length productions each year. We are lead by a board of area residents with varied experience and background who feel a strong commitment to our community and theater. We are dedicated to engaging local area talent for all aspects of a production.

We have had a long history of encouraging young actors and those interested in technical theater by awarding scholarships to local high school and college students.

Although top hats are no longer seen marching down Main St, we tip our hats to the longevity of this local theater group, the joy a play brings to a cold January, the expectation we feel for an upcoming summer musical and the sheer energy, time and love of theater its many volunteers have given for 70 years. Geneseo Community Players has enriched our community and our lives.

Board of Directors


Cathy Gardner

Glenda VanRy

Vice President



Rebecca Esham


Chandra Downs

Board Members

Bettina DeBell

Mikie Fambro

Darlene Hunt

Katie Kemp

Kyle Scoville

Blaine VanRy

Sally Wood

In Recent Memory Of

Anne Haley McCarthy

Charles "Dutch" VanRy

Jane Hogan

Jim Feuerstein

Bob Gardner

Jack Johnston

Chris Fox

Alan Case

Ellie Houston

Gertrude Houston

Eric Grammas